Meteor Garden ☆ – remake 2018

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Meteor Garden” is a 2018 Chinese television series, setting in Shanghai. The plot is based on the Japanese manga series “Boys Over Flowers” written by Yoko Kamio. Now the series, directed by Lin He Long, is broadcast on Netflix.

Meizuo/Connor Leong, Huaze Lei/ Darren Chen. Shancai/ Shen Yue, Daoming Si/ Dylan Wang, Ximen/Caesar Wu.

Dong Shan Cai (Shen Yue) studies Food Science and Nutrition at prestigious Mingde University. The girl’s life changes when she faces up to the leader of the F4’s group, Dao Ming Si (Dylan Wang). He don’t accept to be overcome, but Shan Cai is a bold girl who doesn’t allow herself to be bullied. Gradually he will develop deep feelings for Shan Cai, until to fall in love her. At first the girl has a crush on an other F4’s member group: Hua Ze Lei (Darren Chen), but then the true love will change everything.

In this remake Daoming Sì and Shan Cai don’t agree each other because of childish misunderstandings. The chemistry between Dylan Wang and Shen Yue has offered a funny show. The out-fit is functional: Daoming Sì, for example, has a “pineapple” hairstyle to underline his rebellion. A trick to replace many violent scenes is the bridge, a card game. Dylan Wang is a beginner acting, but he gave to Daoming Sì a singular interpretation.

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